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Well, if you must know i grew up the fat twin, yep thats right. I was always on the chubby side. I always enjoyed sports, I loved P.E classes (except when I had to run... I still dont do that shit); I joined a weekly kick boxing class and trained for 6 years. But if I could I’d have pasta for every meal, you betchya I would! (ok, admittedly I probably still would lol!)

I remember at 17 seeing a magazine that had ‘THE LAST DIET YOU WILL EVER DO’ It was only 3 weeks long and promised you’d lose a whole stone. I. was. SOLDDD! I thought "finally!" Lord Jesus has answered my prayers, I'm on the road to being skinny FO’EVAAA! This diet told me everything I could eat and everything I couldn’t. I wasn’t allowed bananas, white rice, white bread, watermelon and wait for it... peanut butter :’(

I thought fuck it, its 3 weeks I can do it then I’m free AND skinny #winning

I joined my local leisure centre gym, did one hour only cardio a day and followed this 3 week diet. By the end of it, yeah I lost about a stone, felt great, got so many compliments but you know what, I ended up with the most warped relationship with food.

Martena David - Personal Trainer
Personal Trainer West London

Seeing things as can/can’t have. Good/bad food. I would binge out every few weeks cause I’d deprived myself SO hard. My weight constantly fluctuated because I could never find my balance. It was always all or nothing or ‘diet starts monday’ I gave up on ‘fitness’ and by the end of uni I was at my heaviest.

Soon sick of myself, I joined a proper gym (Virgin Active), it was full of the wankiest wanky office wankers I’d ever seen but you know what, that was my motivation, I thought if you lot can do it so I can I. And I did.

That’s where my fitness journey started. I still yo-yoed a little but I enjoyed fitness again. I couldn’t afford a Personal Trainer being a graduate, so I researched workouts, techniques, nutrition and taught myself everything I needed to know.
I trained myself for years, I grew so passionate about it that I decided to turn it into a career (after a mental breakdown at my wanky office job, but that’s a whole other story).

I loved nothing more than helping people in the gym, which is why I will never see my job as ‘work’. I honestly believe I was put on this earth to give back and help as many people as I can so when people ask me why are you doing this for free, well because its my gift that I’m giving back.


"I signed up with Martena for PT sessions after meeting her in the gym and instantly warming to her bubbly personality.

Training with Martena was hard work but fun, she kicked my butt and made me feel confident not only in myself but in front of others in the gym. I learnt a lot and in a short time was doing “real” press ups which I had never been able to do before.

I never dreaded going to the gym as Martena was always encouraging and great to talk to whilst training hard."

Natalie Harrisson, London